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Single Searches

Searches for operational leadership roles require prudence – the incumbents impact the top line and bottom line of the organization directly. Each of such key positions are unique and identifying that ‘one right person’ brings with it, its own set of challenges. We at Career Access arrest the negative business impact of a single “wrong hire” at this level.

We have thus superimposed the best practices of executive search to operational hiring: by incorporating our industry expertise, exhaustive research, mapping processes and perceptive screening of candidates. The natural progression of our search methodology is to bring the correct permutation of functional ability, social intelligence and ecological fitment to your organization.

Project Hiring

Large Scale hiring is achieved at Career Access without compromising quality and timelines. Our experienced consultants have successfully delivered project hiring initiatives across sectors. We leverage our industry and domain expertise and regional presence to reach out to diverse talent pools. Our endeavor is to build teams that complement the organization’s culture and fulfill functional requisites.

As exclusive partners, we at Career Access successfully design and build teams that incubate new businesses; deploy pilot units and facilitate expansion of mature businesses through hiring in volumes across industry sectors.

Informed business decisions across functions are backed by critical insights based on credible information. We at Career Access construct our reports through a potent combination of domain expertise, exhaustive database, and our deep rooted industry networks. Predominantly we execute two types of studies:

Perception study: We systematically, within ethical boundaries collate, analyze and present the people and business milieu of your organization. We study our client’s capabilities, vulnerabilities, business competitors and assess your evolution as a prospective employer. Our efforts aim at educating our clients of the dominant market perception, behavior of competitors, and what ultimately makes them an attractive employer.

Compensation Benchmarking: We assist organizations to develop an understanding of compensation ranges across levels and functions, and predominant Rewards and Recognition trends. Industry compensation benchmarks and knowledge of salary structures ensure that organizations are not isolated as employers, and provide the necessary prescience for monetary fitment of candidates’.