Why Career Access

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It is just not about a right guy for the job as much as right guy for the right job in the right organization!

Right Job: The Management philosophy and vision at Career Access places the client and their requirements uppermost. We make a conscious and committed effort to understand the client’s business, the work culture, the details of the job and executive profile – all so that we can find the right-fit, sensitivity to concerns of the client and confidentiality, both for the client and the executive.

Right Executive: We consciously and continuously engage with candidates who display high levels of professional competence, leadership, integrity and pro actively present them to our clients in a true sense of partnership.

Right Organization:
Organizations must be treated as animate beings that drive philosophies, dreams, temperament, culture and ethos. It is with this approach that we bridge the DNA gap between the organization and prospective employee by finding the “right” candidate who will seamlessly blend into the “company’s culture”. Simply put, we as a partner search firm feel it is imperative to understand the client’s DNA and find right match. There have been instances where we have not proposed executives who meet the client’s professional and technical requirements but do not blend into the DNA and work culture of the organization. Perhaps, this analysis and foresight could well be the reason behind most of the executives that we have sourced for our clients have worked with them for years.

Our value

Our unique rationale and underlying processes are driven by superior consultancy, customized search strategies and quick turnaround time. Our Consultants engage with a deep sense of accountability. They understand and appreciate the need for judicious hiring of operational leaders since it directly impacts financial well being of the client’s organization.

As rightly put by our Managing Partner of Executive Access, Sunandan Bhanja Chaudhury “Our Job is to find “The Needle” in the Haystack –and it matters which Haystack you look into and how you define the Haystack! Our years of experience help us define the Universe of the Haystack in the most meaningful way to get the best and most relevant Talent in the Industry!”

We apply a systematic, innovative and collaborative consulting approach to ensure a high quality level of consistency in our service delivery.

As a practice, we often share ‘on the ground’ market intelligence with our clients giving them a more holistic view of the current industry trends. As gesture of partnering with our clients in the true sense, we commit an accountability clause linking the performance of the candidate placed to our billing. We are also proud to say that we have pioneered this unique industry best practice.

Our focus

Our focus has been exclusively towards hiring mid management levels enabling us to build expertise over the past 5 years. Our methodology is the superimposition of executive search on operational leadership hiring; meaning process rigor aligned with strong assessment methodologies.

We know that Human Capital acquisition at middle management levels is a critical function. It is vital to ensure that these future leaders form the building blocks of the organization. In a pioneering effort, at Career Access, we render middle management to operational leaders through the retained search model partnering closely with our clients.